Can You Relate to Love?

The Car

Have you purchase a car out of love for the colour, scent, perimeter, speed and known factor for being a showstopper? How about driving down the highway feeling an intuitive oneness as the tires grip the pavement in the hot sun? What about that crystal clear sound from the one or five songs that hit your ears just right through the enchanting bass straight to your heart? Does this eye dilation topic resonate?

The Mood

This is how the mood of love works. If it doesn’t grip you at mach speeds, it will silently taint the very glass of water you drink, into an opulent pleasure.

Love is love, it finds you everywhere through everything. Have you been there? Did you find it on a map along your travels?

To be in love with LOVE, is to see into transparency. Barriers disappear. Can you imagine a force that evaporates the objects you once knew as boundaries? I am fascinated by such a force that lives amongst all of us through time and yet, some feel as though only brick walls exist.


Love is a mindset. If you feel it in the purchase of a car, it’s likely you will find it in between the notes of a guitar, or inside of a poem and if you can do that, then it’s likely to be found within the beauty of a person who radiates above the crowd.

And remember, the love starts with you. The more you love your life, the easier it is to share this with another.

Love Love, it’s just a thought for the day.

Shanon Dawn

Instagram 💗Journaling.Heart / life coach / writer / photographer of hearts found in nature / inspiration healer

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