Whenever I give a workshop about new tools and formats for storytelling I always start with a good look at what you need first: a story. Without a clear idea of your story it’s hard to pick the right tools to shape it.

So what does it take to create…

A few days ago we published a set of simple rules to make a choice from the staggering amount of online tools to enhance your storytelling. If you didn’t already read the previous article you can find it here.

However we know from experience that it helps to have everything on one handy worksheet. That’s why we made the Storytooling Canvas. It raises all the questions you should answer before committing to a specific storytelling tool. And it helps you to sketch your ideas and thoughts.

Hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think about it.

Download as PDF (BW & Color): http://bit.ly/2hvFFT9

Download as PPTX (BW & Color): http://bit.ly/2iHJ66T

With an ever growing number of online tools and apps for your smartphone it’s hard not to get overwhelmed. Don’t let yourself get caught by choice anxiety. Here are some simple rules to choose your tools.

1. Pick

Choose tools that suit your workflow: What tools are you already using and how…

Hurray! We just launched the new Journalism Tools platform! And you can be one of the first to explore it.

Journalism Tools is a new, free & flexible discovery tool and knowledge sharing platform for journalists, newsrooms and content creators.

Before you dive in, here is some valuable information on…

We are building an open platform to discover, share and learn the newest digital tools and resources for the next generation of journalists.

At this moment, we are in early beta. The framework is ready and we are filling the site with tools and content. To make Journalism Tools great we need your help!

Do you want to be an early beta tester? Contact us!(limited places)

Are you a tools or app expert? Do you want to write a curated blogpost about a selection of tools you want to recommend? Contact us! (invitation based on proposals)

Do you want to write about Journalism Tools? Contact us for a presskit or an interview.

Contact Details: journalismtools.mailbox@gmail.com

Out of the present.

On May 18, 1991, Sergei Krikalev departed aboard the Soyuz-TM12 for a journey to the space station MIR. It was supposed to be a simple mission. What he did not know was that he not only left the earth but also the world as he knew…

Thanks for a great year. Exciting new things coming up in 2016!

Every year we start with a fresh and very personal selection of tools and resources that offer a glimpse of the future of journalism. Mobile, virtual, highly visual, allowing to share and verify news in new ways, putting the audience first,…

Enjoy. Let 2016 be a great year to discover…

The world is changing. In small iterations and disruptive shifts. New platforms emerge, new technologies shape our behaviour. The need for new business models and new talent was never more urgent. …

40 Questions & 12 Trends for the Future of Journalism


Almost two years ago I started Journalism Tools as a way to keep up with the never-ending stream of new tools and resources for journalists and newsmakers. Since then I have tested thousands of new apps and tools and read…

Journalism Tools

Exploring the new tools & resources for the next generation of journalists. @ezraeeman Check us on: http://journalismtools.io/

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