16 Journalism Tools & Resources to Explore in 2016.

Journalism Tools
Jan 1, 2016 · 5 min read

Every year we start with a fresh and very personal selection of tools and resources that offer a glimpse of the future of journalism. Mobile, virtual, highly visual, allowing to share and verify news in new ways, putting the audience first,…

Enjoy. Let 2016 be a great year to discover and tell great stories!


Tapewrite launches a new audio format enhanced with interactive cards that contain either rich text, an image, or a short quote and show up at just the right time during playback. You can comment on, share, or bookmark these cards for finding back later. (launching in 2016)

Adobe Post

Adobe Post is a fun and fast way for anyone to create beautiful social graphics. Get started in seconds with professionally designed, eye-catching templates you can tweak in simple steps.

First Draft News

First Draft News is a daily destination site for journalists who source and report stories from social media. You will find relevant features, reviews, case studies and analysis by members of the First Draft Coalition alongside a library of free training resources for use in the newsroom and the classroom.


A-Frame is a set of building blocks for the virtual reality web. Use markup to create VR experiences (think infographics) that work across desktop, iPhones, and the Oculus Rift. (Android support coming soon.)

Emoji One

Emoji expression represents the modern communication of today, as well as the future. Emoji One is a free and completely open source set of Emoji that you can use for any project or product.


Paperr is an elegant distraction-free writing tool for the web with integrated wiki-search, mail and PDF-download. With a visual paragraph, word and character counter it’s perfect for journalists and writers.


Enlight is one of the best all-in-one mobile photo editors providing powerful tools that are easy to use. Including image correction, filters, borders and frames, double exposure, masking, multi-channel curves for ultimate control over image tonality and much more.


Publish.org is a new organization by the people behind Contributoria. It has a very simple but important mission: to support journalism in the world by funding and distributing stories. (launching in 2016)


Dextro makes videos discoverable, searchable, and curatable as seamlessly as text-based web pages using machine learning.


Feritte works just like a voice memo app: one tap and you’re recording. But there’s also a full editing suite to assemble your recordings — and imported clips — into polished final audio.

Cardboard Camera

Cardboard Camera takes VR photos — moments in time you can relive in virtual reality. Hear the sounds as they happened, and look around to see the scene in every direction.

Andy Kirk

This book is the starting point in learning the process and skills of data visualization, teaching the concepts and skills of how to present data and inspiring effective visual design. (launching in 2016)


2016 will be the year that more newsrooms adopt and integrate the Hearken framework. Putting the audience first and flipping the traditional model on its head.


Workflows connects apps and actions together to automate things you do on your device. To build a workflow, just drag and drop together a series of actions. With over 200 actions, the possible combinations are endless.

CartoDB: One-Click Mapping

One-Click Mapping is a great new feature by one of the best mapping products out there. The new functionality will analyze your uploaded datasets and make suggestions of columns to visualize, offering you a selection of ready-made maps the moment you upload your dataset.


Journalism Tools is building an open platform to discover, share and learn the newest digital tools and resources for the next generation of journalists. (launching in 2016)

Journalism Tools

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