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Journalism Tools
Apr 29, 2016 · 2 min read

Hurray! We just launched the new Journalism Tools platform! And you can be one of the first to explore it.

Journalism Tools is a new, free & flexible discovery tool and knowledge sharing platform for journalists, newsrooms and content creators.

Before you dive in, here is some valuable information on how to use the site.

Search: Journalism Tools has a very powerful search engine. You can search tools by keywords, tags or category.

Make your own list of favorite tools: As a registered member you can make a selection of your favorite tools by clicking on the star symbol (favorite).

This way it will end up in a list that will appear under your profile. It’s also a perfect way to collect new tools you want to explore further.

Like & Review: The real power of this site should be you! The journalists that use tools every day. Let other people know which tools you like (heart symbol)

or leave a review/comment on the detail page of a specific tool.

That’s it. You’re all set! Go, explore! And make Journalism Tools a better experience for everyone by reviewing, commenting and suggesting new tools!

Right now we start with a limited set of 60+ tools. We will be adding more tools from our database of 2500 tools in the coming weeks!


Ezra Eeman, Founder Journalism Tools.

    Journalism Tools

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    Exploring the new tools & resources for the next generation of journalists. @ezraeeman Check us on:

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