What it means to change.

Change is a constant of life. Everyday is different, and every moment an opportunity to experience yourself anew. This short article will explore some ideas in regards to change, the difficulties, and how one may go about changing for the better.

This author defines change as an inherent truth of life. Change is kind of like breathing. One can choose to take a deep breath, and it will feel good, or if one is focused elsewhere, breathing will take place naturally, without conscious effort.

Knowing that change is an essential experience of life, one must be ready for the inevitable. When it really comes down to it, we must understand why we’re changing, and must be willing to put effort into how, and what we wish to be. The most difficult obstacle in the path of true change is our own dear selves. The psychological attachments we hold. The unexamined beliefs we express. The walls of cognitive dissonance we defend. And of course, the unyielding ego which cannot stand in the face of reasonable criticism, or the possibility of being wrong. It’s time to change this, and it starts with an honest examination of ones’ own self, beliefs, and deeply held principles about life, why we exist, and what the purpose of being here truly is.

Therefore, the key to positive change is a combination of willpower, and understanding. The will to sleep well, and wake up early. The willingness to smile, instead of getting frustrated. The willingness to endure with patience, instead of reacting on impulse. All of these choices have significantly profound reasons, and positive results when practiced. That’s why understanding the reasons behind desired change is worthy of attention.

A great way to develop willpower, and understanding, is to simply ask, and answer important questions, such as “why do I want to change? how should I change? how do I want to live my life, and why?” The more challenging the questions, the more rewarding, and insightful the answers will be. The greatest struggle is against our own soul, so to instill lasting change within ourselves, we must be willing to change, and understand the importance of that change when it is applied to the whole of life. Thank you sincerely for reading, and may we all change for the best.

“Verily, Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves.” — Qur’an, Ch. 13, verse 11.