What do you learn from going on dates.

Are you trying to learn things or are you just trying to find a match. If you just want to get laid, then I guess you can improve things and work on things. Otherwise if you are just trying to find a partner and a girlfriend and a wife, then you should just be yourself. You shouldn’t force it. It’s ok when things are failing, and you get friendzoned. But it all hurts nonetheless. You would think rejection gets easier as you get rejected more, but it doesn’t. It does make you want to work harder and try and get that girl. When you do get those string of successes. So keep on working at it. Let the failures be your lessons.

I think when I asked what she was looking for. With rachel there was chemistry, I just didn’t act on it. I honestly think I need to be more forceful and be more sexy. Go after what you want, say what you want. Fuck the things you want. You are holding yourself back. Why. You fear the mistakes, and you fear that you have things to lose. Don’t be afraid of those things.

Put yourself out there, the conditions are never right. Just go for it. Youa re awesome, you are sexy, you are confident. Just go after what you want. Do not be afraid. Never be afraid.

Had a good lunch with Greg, where he pretty much repeated the same things. I feel as if I have more to lose so I’m not exactly after sex. With sex is delicate subject. I fear that what happens if I get someone pregnant with someone I don’t want to be with. Then I am stuck. It sorta sucks. so as a result I shy back. With the GND, I dont want to have sex because I’m afraid that would lead her on. With the blade, I’m afraid to have sex because what happens if something happens and I have a kid with her. I’d be pretty worried.

But alas, once again if you are worried all your life, and wait for perfect conditions, things will never happen. Do it, work it, be it, just live it. You will be fine.