What to bring to Monteverde?

Although it’s located at the sunny province of Puntarenas, this reserve is deeply located into a fog surrounded forest, where temperatures can get pretty cold specially at night. Here we’ll tell you what to bring to the place that is consider the mother of all Cloud Forests.

You will not experience Costa Rica at the fullest if you don’t visit Monteverde. This reserve is filled with all kinds of wildlife, a fantastic view can make you feel like you are in harmony with nature, but also having a great time.

Monteverde’s tours will make you walk into several trails deep down the forest, so make sure to bring the best snickers you have in your closet. Also there is a chance to get wet, so you better be wearing socks.

Among the walk is common to find some fog along the way, so having a poncho is not a bad idea, just to avoid getting your clothes wet, this one has to be very comfortable and light weighted. Smoking nor eating is allowed during the tours.

Keep in mind bringing skin and lip protection, Monteverde can get windy from time to time and this can chap your lips very easily. In this kind of trips also less is more, try not to pack things you are not going to need. The least place you are going to be is your hotel room.

A good advice is to bring binoculars, if you get to see wildlife you will like to have a close up and you can’t miss it.

In a fewer words, this is an extreme mountain trip so pack what it adequate for this destination. Do you have any other advices? Please let us know!

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