The Month of (Physical) Health

So, December was the month of H~E~A~L~T~H. (Physical Health.)

It started off rocky.

Here’s the thing: I ate pretty healthy throughout the first week and a half, but I had some money issues and I wasn’t able to go to my yoga classes (ugh). But, the focus of my “diet” was to include more vegetables, and I did that with superfood salads, ravioli pasta with kale and zucchini, and most importantly I did not go out to eat very much. (Previously I went out to eat a whole lot.)

In my brief log entry, I saw that I was feeling down about not exercising as much. Over 2021, I got pretty into yoga, but I wasn’t able to sustain it well at home. I just wasn’t motivated. So, later last year I joined a yoga studio, and it has kept me going physically and mentally. Without being able to explore health with my favorite physical activity, in the middle of negative winter weather, it was pretty hard the first week and a half.

BUT when my money issues subsided (my card just kept declining because my bank didn’t like a purchase I made, found that out later — very frustrating), I got back to it and the rest of the month went pretty well, especially when considering the holidays were amongst us.

I really honed in on eating better, but still allowed myself some cookies (afterall, I made 6 different kinds, and even some espresso caramel bars for cookie platters), and it was a really great balance.

One highlight was that I also joined a gym. I am unable to do yoga 6–7 days a week, and also wanted to focus on getting more muscle. That went as expected — I still have a lot to learn, but I’m not a stranger to going to the gym either.

I can definitely say health is one of my top values after exploring this a bit more. I still struggle from time to time (this article is so late because I just had Covid for a week), but the part that has stuck out to me the most about health is my willingness and drive to keep going after facing some sort of setback (not being motivated at home, my card declining, getting Covid). I think that is the defining feature of this value. If I didn’t value it, or if it wasn’t all that important to me, I wouldn’t try to get back on the bandwagon.

In January, I’ll be focusing on Inner Harmony. (Noting that I did get Covid, so I’m starting off a bit late on it.)




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