Our lives are full of change and we all say we hate it! So why do we do it when we all like the familiarity of our old carpet slippers and resist binning them literally until they have fallen apart and even the dog has stopped chewing them.

When things…

Startups and small businesses don’t generally have an extended budget for their communication. That’s why they need to focus on affordable solutions to promote their businesses. Public relations, if managed in-house, can be (and should be) one of them. It helps increase your brand profile and notoriety, it can boost…

Many businesses are unaware of it, but PR is crucial to grow your business. It is often pushed into the background and this can be a grave mistake. This is because most of people don’t truly understand what PR is.

PR is the discipline aimed at communicating the right messages…


JournoLink bridges the gap between small businesses and the media; through the online platform you can connect through news, editorial requests & events.

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