Country’s top talent at the Power Grid Corporation sponsored Artist camp at Urusvati

By Bipin Sharma

Sponsored by Power Grid Corporation (Govt. of India), the Artists camp at Urusvati Centre for Contemporary Art (UCCA) from 18th to 20th March’2017 saw the presence of many contemporary artists including National Awardees. Prominent among those who attended the camp were artists Hukum Lal Verma, Milan Sharma, Abhijit Pathak, Nidhi Agarwal, Aditi Agarwal, Smita Kinkale, Ram Dongre, Vijaya Chauhan, Ashish Kushwaha to name a few. Having successfully established itself as a destination for hosting varied genres of art and cultural exhibitions, programs and events, UCCA in Shikohpur Road, Sector-78 Gurgaon (Haryana) added another feather to its cap by organizing another successful artists camp in it premises.

It was an enchanting experience for the artists as they got a chance to synergize and paint in the expansive and mesmerizing campus of the Art Centre for three days. On the concluding day of the artist’s camp on 20th March, the artistic works of the versatile artist’s were put on display in the Art Galleries for art aficionadas and the general visitors.

The 2016 Artists camp at Urusvati saw the participation of artists like Raghuvir Akela, Hifzul Kabeer, Sudip Hazra, Prashant Kalita, Anjum Khan, Kanchan Chandra, Mukhi Chaudhari, Amrita Ghosh, Subrata Mete, Sandeep Jigdum, Mohd. Nasim, Nidhi Agarwal, Bharati, Anil and Sangeeta Rube.

In the last 21 years of its existence, Urusvati Centre for Contemporary Art has played a pivotal role in promoting not just the Art & Culture of the country, but also the upcoming talented artists of the country.

The regular organizing of artist’s camp has been one key initiative undertaken by UCCA to promote both the eminent as well as budding artists in its premises.

The one common factor that allures everyone from artists to art enthusiasts to the general public has been the breathtaking lush green ambience of Urusvati overlooking the picturesque Aravallis. The fact that Urusvati also houses a big Museum showcasing the timeless Folklores of India speaks volumes about the due diligence that has gone into conceptualizing the entire place. The Museum depicts the rich legacy of five Northern States of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab. Additionally, the UCCA also comprises two spacious Art galleries, each measuring 6000 Sq.ft. The Urusvati Art Centre has an in-house exhibition from its own collection of over two hundred paintings. The works of eminent Indian artists such as Dhiraj Chaudhari, Subroto Kant, Phalguni Dasgupta, Datta Raya Apte, Hemraj Subbana are exhibited in this gallery.

Komal Anand, an accomplished artist and the Director, Urusvati Centre for Contemporary Art felt overwhelmed with the response to the Artists camp. In a brief chat, Komal Anand informed, “Urusvati has been organizing and hosting Artists camps since the last many years with the key objective of providing a robust platform for both the eminent and the new upcoming artists to exhibit their creativity and talent. The duration of the camp depends upon several factors, and accordingly camps are organized ranging from a daylong camp to a relatively longer one spanning about 15 days. As part of the Urusvati revamping project, exclusive lodging facilities for artists and cultural performers are there in place to cater to the comfort and leisure of artists hailing from different nooks and corners of the country. After the completion of the camps, works of participating artists are exhibited in the spacious art Galleries of Urusvati for public display. Besides organizing artist camps, we have also been hosting myriad cultural programs such as classic dance performances, musical concerts and puppet shows. It’s been an amalgamation of various factors namely our unique concepts, passion and soul soothing ambience which has led to Urusvati becoming a very popular spot for people of all age groups. Realizing that the natural ambience is a big inspiration, and all the more for the artists and creative people, one instantly feels getting closer to nature as soon as they foray into the precincts of Urusvati. The stunning jasmine gardens, the water bodies, the terracotta gardens, the tranquillity, and the vast abundant spaces all around add a great deal of elegance, serenity and resplendence to the place. Urusvati was conceptualized to vibrantly promote the ancient cultural legacy of our country. We are thankful to the sponsors for appreciating and recognizing the essence of Artists camp. The government sector, the Corporates, the big business houses and the MNCs have a vital role to play in supporting the cause of promoting art and culture of the country on a mega scale. Creative people have since time immemorial been bringing rich laurels to their motherland. In the light of this, due importance needs to be given towards grooming and nurturing the immense potential of young creative men and women. At Urusvati, one of our key endeavour is also to help economically impoverished talented artists by providing them space and resources in Urusvati, in addition to promoting their creations. Year 2017 is going to be a packed year as we are all set to organizing many art and cultural events.”

A stalwart of the healthcare industry and the Global Pioneer of Holistic Medicine, Dr RK Tuli, found the Urusvati experience both rejuvenating as well as educative. Sharing his experience, Dr Tuli remarked, “Urusvati Centre for Contemporary Art is a perfect destination for the creative minds, and for those in pursuit of serenity. It’s a place far away from the madding crowds. A visit to Urusvati was long overdue, and when it finally happened, I truly felt spellbound. An art gallery situated amidst a spectacular backdrop was just what the doctor ordered. I have decided to organize a special holistic health and wellness camp for 4 days in the month of May this year.”

The Urusvati Museum of ancient folklore is one of its kind, with core focus on tales of folklore and ballads based on legends, stories of kings and queens and heroic deeds of warriors. It depicts famous folk tales of love, valor and courage through mesmerizingly beautiful paintings and expressive sculptures.

The legendary love stories of Sohni Mahiwal, Heer Ranjha, Mirza Sahiban, Padmavati Ratansen find due prominence in the museum. The folktales from Punjab, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh provide an invaluable insight into the wonderful world of Indian folk culture.s

(Urusvati is located at Madhuram, village Shikohpur, district Gurgaon (12km from Rajiv Chowk), amidst a jasmine garden covering six acres of lush greenery with beautiful walkways. The Museum is located 8 kms from Gurgaon city on the NH-8 to Jaipur, before Manesar. The museum is housed in a haveli, with Aravalli range forming a majestic backdrop).

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