Browsers That Can Help Save Your Data

The data consumption of Android operating system is massive. Many have complained about this. If you dare to recharge your Android phone without subscribing for data, everything would be wiped dry within minutes. Even with data on your phone, the high definition settings of Android would make sure the data is exhausted within a few hours. To do all your browsing aside from the applications, you need a browser., Africa’s NO 1 online hotel booking portal, recommends some browsers that could help reduce the level of your data usage.

Apus Browser
The options of the Apus browser are very limited, unlike chrome where you have to disable some settings that are not really needed. You just have settings like bookmarks and history. Thus, the browser is easier to use and it requires 9 MB to install the browser on your android phone. The only shortcoming is that its loading time is low. You would have to choose between speed and saving your data.

Now Browser
With just 4 MB, you can get the Now Browser. Even though it can’t compete with browsers like Chrome and Firefox, it has features that would impress users. The browsers are very fast in loading and you have the opportunity to save bookmarks as well as view your browsing history. You can also download and save files on your phone memory as well as browse privately.

KK Browser
KK Browser may take a bit of time to load, but it has the best features among the three. It just requires 6 MB of data to install this browser. You can change the font and you can also use auto-fill to fill-out forms. Fortunately or, unfortunately, there is no room for a private browser.

You can download the browsers from the google app store.

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