What To Do if Your Phone FALLS In Water

Mistakes happen on a daily basis. From forgetting a document at home to sending a text message to a wrong number and having your precious mobile device taking a dive for a pool of water. Whoops!

This costly mistake may probably damage your phone. Here are some tips on what to do if your phone is drenched in water as water is no friend with electronic devices if you find yourself in a rainy city like Port Harcourt….thanks to Jovago.com, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal!

Quickly take the phone out of water

Watching the phone slip to near destruction can be painful but this is not the time to lament. What you should do is to hurriedly move it away from the moist area. It is also important not to switch it immediately to stop water from flowing into the sensitive part of your phone.

Take out the removable parts

Take out the battery, sim card(s), the casing and other removable parts. There is no need to remove any screw. Limit yourself to only the detachable parts. Ensure that you take caution not to allow water into the phone.

Keep it away from hot air

This may completely condemn the phone. Don’t use a blow dryer on it and neither should you blow air using your mouth into the phone. Hot air can heat of parts of the phone that should stay cool and cause adverse harm to your smartphone.

Dry the phone

This is critical as it can determine if you will pay the phone repairer a visit or not. Place the device in an airy, dry shade with lots of sunlight -this is not saying that you should place it directly as severe sun rays may affect the Liquid Crystal Display Screen. It is, however, worthy of note that many wet phones or devices would properly function after drying.

Attempt to power it on

Your phone should be dried within an hour or less. Assemble the different parts together and then try to put it on. If it powers on, attempt to perform normal activities like making calls, surfing the internet and sending text messages.

If your phone does not power on

If your phone does not power on. Then you have to check if there is still warranty on the phone. Most brand new devices usually come with a one year warranty. That is why it is logical to purchase new phones. While protecting the phone be very careful not to allow water get into the phone panel as this may actually nullify your warranty.

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