Entry from my Diary 8.28.2015

Last year on January 16, 2015, I bought a beautiful black Moleskine notebook to write my thoughts and daily activities in. I try and keep a log of what I’ve been up to so I can look back and reflect on my progression as both an entrepreneur and a person. I write the date, location, and time of the entry, and then a basic break down of events. There are typos in the actual, however they are fixed in the digital version. I also add notes in the digital version.

The following is an entry I made August 28th, 2015 at Starbucks of Fair Lawn, at 6:19PM.

- Since last writing I took a trip to Washington DC with Patrick. We left last Wednesday morning explored the museums on Wednesday day and camped out at Green Belt National Park. It was pretty weird, the park is in the middle of a suburb. So at night you heard the nearby highway and cars racing. Overall it was a fun trip. Not much cash was spent, and sleeping outside as it rained proved to be rewarding. *Note* We challenged ourselves to spend as little money as possible during this weekend trip.
- The business is growing slowly. The Toughest part is doing sales. To be honest it is very tough to do cold sales. More often than not I find myself not wanting to approach people. It is a bit intimidating. Maybe I can ask my professors for help.
- This upcoming semester at Rutgers Business School — Newark will be different for me. Moving from rather self spoken NJIT, to highly competitive RBS.
P.S. I really need to work on building some confidence. Cold sales is tough.
So on. Keep moving forward right?