And what about the Albanian platform?
Peter Vanhoutte

Greece is working on behalf of Russian interests in blocking NATO. Furthermore Greece deliberately keeps Macedonia out of security alliances. Greece is deliberately pushing Macedonia and the region into destabilization and war hoping to annex lands when future conflict occurs.

It is naïve to consider the name a problem, let alone a solution. A name change will not solve anything. All a name change will do is make the Greek side introduce another pretex “issue” to keep blocking. Even now there are hints of what of the new pretexts can be: name of language, ethnicity, nation, culture, history… ad infinitum.

Just like the 1995 change of flag and constitution by Macedonia on Greek demand did not solve anything. Nor the acceptance of a provisional fYROM name solved anything.

Greeks master the art of shifting the goal posts and keeping the issue(s) vague and unspecified. Greece is interested in the permanence of the problem, not in a solution.

So how can we all move on?

The solution is crazy simple: link the EU bailout funds with constructive regional peace-building Greek policy and Greek overcoming the issues it has with Macedonia.

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