Ultrawide LG LED and LCD Monitors

The most important item on your desk is your monitor. Afterall, you stare at your monitor all day and it deserves a little thought! Are you bored with your old monitor screen and looking for a new change? Get yourself a LG LCD monitor or a LED monitor and enjoy working everyday! Here are a few things to keep in mind before buying a monitor.


The size of the monitor depends on the size of your desk. The screen size is measured in inches, diagonally from the bottom left to the upper right corner of the display. They are usually available between 15 inches up to 30 inches. Having a big screen will allow you to view more data on your screen.


The higher the resolution on your monitor, the better picture quality as more information can be displayed. With a higher resolution monitor not only will the picture be sharper, but you’ll have more room on the screen for your icons, web pages, and other stuff.


Aspect ratio is defined as the ratio between the monitor’s display area’s width and height. You can avoid the black bars across your computer if you have a wide screen display. Wide ratios are also the most convenient solution for viewing multiple windows in parallel.


Monitors are usually illuminated by several back lights. You must be able to adjust the brightness on your screen depending on what you are using it for. The brightness of your monitor will differ for playing games, watching movies and when you do your office work.


A monitor is more than just a display on your desk. It needs to be connected to a computer and probably other devices too. Thus, you need to know what type of port you need and make sure that the monitor has it.

LG is one of the leading monitor brands in India with high resolution monitors. The screen size of the LG LED and LCD monitors ranges from 16 inches to 34 inches. The come with IPS technology and Ultrawide screen. The brightness adjustable feature of LG LED monitor allows you to adjust the brightness for playing games, watching movies and also for office work. Check out a wide collection of LG monitors at Infibeam and spruce up your desk today!

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