The Ins and Outs of Good Strap-On Sex from Mistress Kara
The Stockroom

Wonderful article, really enjoyed it. Sure wish I were going to be near LA this weekend to join you.

IMO It’s a pity you placed choosing a dildo at the bottom, and didn’t mention anything about the toxic soup of chemicals MOST are made with. Your point that if it smells like a shower curtain is correct, but not really hammered home how important it is to choose non-toxic, made in America toys are. (China is the WORST for using toxic ingredients & substandard quality control). Phthalate information urgently needed by consumers! The substance has been banned in children’s toys & teethers, but not in sex toys! (kids can’t chew on phthalate laden teethers, but they think it’s OK that we repeatedly shove these toxic chemicals into our baby-makers?!)

Here’s what the National Institute of Health website says about phthalates:

“…..the National Toxicology Program concluded that high levels of one phthalate, di-n-butyl phthalate, may adversely affect human reproduction or development.

High levels of exposure to di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate through the use of medical tubing and other plastic devices for feeding, medicating, and assisting the breathing of newborn infants may affect the development of the male reproductive system, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences…..”

Being a camgirl I use sex toys all day long, so I’m particularly aware and concerned about what I’m putting into my body. My rule is, if you can smell or taste the toy, or it burns (yes, some burn!) do not use it, ever! If you’re at a local brick & mortar store (help your local merchant, buy local! =) ask the clerk to open the package so you can give it the sniff test before buying.

Or better still, only buy USA made 100% silicone. BEWARE some large manufactures are also labeling ‘silicone’ on their dildos. But if the price is cheap, and it’s made in China, you’d better do the sniff, lick & burn test =( You get what you pay for.

I hope you have a segment about choosing toys and educating about toxic toys. Because your website has a separate section section of only silicone dildos & plugs, it’s one of my favorite places to shop.