The PepTalk

This is a scream for help. Money is not everything, it’s actually pretty much nothing when compared to your life, to your passions, to the light. Money will buy you clothes, a roof, and food, the necessities. But when you have enough for all of that, when will you leave it to pursue what is the most important thing(s) in the world? When will you escape complacency and into undiscovered space? When you’re comfortable enough? When will you be “comfortable enough?” When is that? When will you go chase the light, what you are made to do? Normal people never did anything admirable or changing. Normal people work their jobs under rules and regulations, wake up at 6:30 to make coffee and barely a breakfast to sit in traffic and arrive at work at 9. Do the work, graze Facebook as much as you can, have lunch with your fake coworkers. Are you content? Wait for that minute hand to hit the 12 at the fifth hour so you can hit traffic on your way home while the sun goes down. The sun is always going down on your way home. Did you have time to enjoy the sun? You don’t have enough time to enjoy the sun today, or any day, or any week. Maybe that one vacation week down in the Bahamas where you got too much sun and burnt that beautiful skin of yours. Go home and it’s dark. Your kids are either screaming or the house is too quiet and you make your TV dinner and watch Scandal or the Bachelorette, and then you go to bed. You drink before you go to bed. Always. This sucks and you have to do it all over tomorrow and the next day. Oh wait, but today is Thursday. Thank god it’s Thursday. Better plan and make most of the weekend. Fill it with grocery buying and friend meeting and cook preparing. You don’t know it, but the weekend will pass way too quickly. No, you do know it because you’ve done it too many dozens of times before. Were you made to live like this? Where you can’t enjoy the sun when you want to, how you want to? That should be a basic freedom — to be able to enjoy the sun when you want to, how you want to. You should be able to have time for yourself. How do you do that when you are boxed into rooms, stifling rooms, with fake people, with chores to do and the next thing to think about. Take a breath. Quit that job. Find that time. Find yourself. Find yourself in nature. Find the sun. Find the light. You need to do it, Joy, for yourself. You are your own worst enemy. That devil and angel sitting on your shoulder, debating for you. You suck and you are utterly beautiful in the way you are and how you are. You are an amazing human being. You are your biggest cheerleader and also your toughest critic. How can that be? Because you are a complicated, beautifully complicated human being. Do it, do it, do it. Who knows you better than you?????? Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it. Quit your fucking job and do what you fucking love. Do this spit it out, spit out your beautiful self. Stop stifling yourself. Your job is stifiling you. You are not meant to do this. This is not reality. You will not settle. You will not do something you don’t love. You need more in this life. Be hard. Be soft. Fuck fuck fuck. Do it do it do it.