Hiring a Javascript or Ruby or Python Software Developer- The successful candidate will assist in the development and management of Pondurance’s Threat Management Solutions. The blended DevOps role includes a variety of System Administration, Automation and Network Engineering, as well as Software Design and Development functions. The primary function will include managing and contributing to an existing Ruby Sinatra web framework application used to collect network and host sensor statistics that are delivered to customers as incidents. The customers leverage the application to manage incidents detected by Pondurance technology and incident responders/analysts. Key attack indicator metrics (graphical) are collected and the client refers to the application as an incident response dashboard and central communication point. Much of the infrastructure today uses automation technology as well as release cycles for additional capabilities used to uncover the latest attacks. Opportunities to contribute to, and improving the release cycles will be available as will assisting with the creation of www.pondurance.com test/development environment to streamline the innovation process.

Contact me at joy.burch@pondurance.com