By Carrie L. Davis, Director, Democracy Program

Gerrymanderers are officially on notice. On Tuesday, May 8, Ohio voters overwhelmingly passed a statewide ballot issue to curtail gerrymandering of congressional districts.

Ohio’s win would be remarkable all on its own, but there are two questions that make it even more intriguing.

Sameer Gadkaree, Senior Program Officer for Education & Economic Mobility, Joyce Foundation
Holly Zanville, Senior Advisor for Credentialing and Workforce Development, Lumina Foundation

Each year, some 4 million community college graduates in the U.S. earn career-focused associate degrees in fields such as nursing, education, or business. These degrees, including Applied…

An Investment in Saving Lives

Responding to calls from law enforcement and public health experts, the Joyce Foundation in 1999 joined with five other private funders to create the prototype for a nationwide system to collect data on violent deaths. …

By Carrie L. Davis, Director, Democracy Program

I recently had the privilege of attending oral argument in the second case of this U.S. Supreme Court term on the question of whether extreme partisan gerrymandering rises to the level of being unconstitutional, and if so, when. As someone who has practiced…

By: Beth Swanson, Vice President of Strategy & Programs

Earlier this week, a New York Times piece explored what’s next in the post-Parkland gun debate. It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves as a nation after each mass shooting tragedy. …

By Carrie L. Davis, Director, Democracy Program

Late in the day on March 26, 2018, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced his decision to include a citizenship question in the upcoming decennial Census. There was immediate outcry from many in the democracy field.

So, what’s all the fuss about?


By: Stephanie Banchero, Sameer Gadkaree, and Jason Quiara; Education & Economic Mobility Program

To help ensure that young people in the Great Lakes region are prepared for the future and are economically mobile, the Joyce Foundation has created the Education & Economic Mobility Program, merging its Education and Employment Programs…

By: Ed Miller, Environment Program Director

The Joyce Foundation announced new program strategies for 2018–2020, including changes in the Environment Program that incorporate additional strategies to accelerate the transition to clean energy and to help ensure everyone in our region has safe, affordable drinking water. …

By: Nina Vinik, Director, Gun Violence Prevention & Justice Reform Program

The Joyce Foundation announced our new program strategies for 2018–2020, including an expansion of our gun violence prevention efforts that incorporates work to improve the fairness of the criminal justice system. …

By: Carrie L. Davis, Democracy Program Director

It is an exciting and challenging time to join the Joyce Foundation as the new director of the Democracy Program.

Our democracy has experienced seismic shifts in recent years. Through restrictive voter access policies and partisan gerrymandering, many citizens have been systematically shut…

The Joyce Foundation

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