Cosmetic Dentistry: Vain Choice Or Practical Option?

As we now live in a world that seems to be divided between those who are ridiculously poor and without the basic means of living, and those who have almost too much money to comprehend, for those few of us that sit in the middle of those two extremes it can often be complicated to make decisions in which guilt often plays a large part.

What constitutes a necessity when you have a mortgage — which simultaneously means that you have a roof over your head, as well as large bills every month? How do you decide what school to send your children to when you know that many children in the world do not even have the option of going to bed with food in their stomachs? And can you justify that little indulgence when you know that the same amount of money could probably provide, in another country, the medical requirements of a small village?

These may seem like trivial questions, but the more that one considers them, the more frequently you start to notice that life is made up completely of slightly uncomfortable decisions. Take, for example, the decision to have cosmetic dentistry. By its very title it is evident that the treatment itself is not ‘necessary’; it does not solve any problem that is life threatening, and it does not aid a person who without it would struggle through life.

And yet at the same time in many situations cosmetic dentistry can really make a profound difference in the life and the quality of life of the patient. When a person has severe anxiety and problems with their self confidence because of the way that their teeth look, that will swiftly degrade their relationships, be it with friends, family, or colleagues. In some cases, cosmetic dentistry even extends to fixing bad dental treatments that have been received in the past, and so altering the way that a person can eat, chew, talk, and laugh.

If one person knows about cosmetic dentistry better than any other it is Dr Paige Woods, a specialist focused on tooth restorations san diego residents can enjoy for life. She has seen countless people come through her doors, many of whom have debilitating embarrassment about the size, shape, colour, and placement of their teeth — and are desperate to be able to change things. When they see their new teeth in the mirror, and realise that they are seeing their very own reflection, many of them are brought to tears.

From Dr. Paige Woods’ point of view, there is no one that can better understand the life changing experience of cosmetic dentistry than someone who has experienced it for themselves. Her skilled work and her expertise has seen her transform hundreds of people’s lives, and she cannot imagine a person who truly wants to change the way that they look preventing themselves doing it because of cost.

‘First world problems’ is a concept that has taken over our mindspace rather rapidly in the last few years, and although it is something with an element of truth, it does not logically follow that because another person has a different set of problems to you, that your own problems instantly become inferior and second rate. We all face different challenges, and we are not often equipped to meet them, even if we want to be. Cosmetic dentistry can change lives: there is no denying that, and so in my view, there is little point in individuals attempting to deny themselves the chance to make themselves happy.

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