What are the People Saying about Vernon Adams Jr. ?

The media is weighing in on Vernon Adams in both aspects, many analyst feel that his NFL combine perfromance didn’t improve his draft stock too much and for a guy his size he needed to standout in every category he was put to the test in. But other sports analyst believe that a workout does not determine what he is capable to do on the field and he has proved that all year long, during the season, during the Alamo Bowl against Texas Christian University, and most importantly during the East West Shrine Game.

Throughout all the doubts, NFL coaches and scouts are still meeting with the exciting Vernon Adams Jr.. He recently had a visit with Mike Tomlin, the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers and their program. Everyone knows their beloved quarterback Ben “Big Ben” Roethlisberger. Vernon Adams Jr. and Ben Roethlisberger have two very different styles of play, while Big Ben is more of a pocket quarterback, Vernon Adams Jr. is a bit more crafty he can create a play with his feet as well he can stay in the pocket and make a play. What they both have in common is how they execute the long ball so well, with timing and accuracy. But the Steelers back up quarterback is someone who has a very similar play style to Vernon Adams Jr., the great Michael Vick. Micahel Vick is known for his very elusive ground game although he is much faster than Vernon Adams Jr. they know he has potential to become similar and sitting behind him would definley help him out alot in the National Football League he would most defintley learn a lot.

Aside from meeting with the Pittsburgh Steelers, he just recently met with former Oregon Coach and new San Francisco 49ers head coach, Chip Kelly. When Chip Kelly left Oregon’s program to fulfill the head coach job for the Philadelphia Eagles, Oregon’s offense didn’t switch up one bit. Chip Kelly watched Oregon produce two good quarterbacks, Marcus Marriota and Vernon Adams Jr.. He didnt have much of a shot with Marriota But he defintley does with Adams. Since Chip Kelly took his Oregon style offense and implemented it into the NFL, Vernon Adams would be well adjusted already. Due to the fact, the San Francisco 49ers are in a bit of a quarterback drought lately, since Colin Kapernick hasnt been producing how he used to in the years this would be perfect for him. Everyone knows Chip Kelly loves recruiting kids from the Oregon program, also there arent many other quarterbacks in the NFL draft similar to Vernon Adams Jr. which make sit better on him. There may be a few quarterbacks who may be a bit more speedy than Vernon Adams Jr. but its all about what they are capable to do during game time situation and numerous times Adams has proved everyone otherwise.