24 Little Love Letters to Myself

  1. You are the descendent of women who were considered magic.
  2. You built yourself up on the well-heeled work of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Sarah Jessica Parker.
  3. In your head you have had long conversations with Zora Neale Hurston, the both of you draped in fur, drinking champagne — laughing at the sky about how men make you yell but you love them so or about how you are both made of the same stuff as the stars, or about what it is like to see the dead rise.
  4. You currently have makeup that was given to you by your mother.
  5. At one point you wanted nothing more than to have makeup artist Pat McGrath call you a friend.
  6. You read Shakespeare in 7th grade…not because you had to…but because you wanted to.
  7. Even though some time you might pop off like a bottle rocket you still have friends willing to pick up the pieces.
  8. You cant hate him…as hard as you try sometimes.
  9. You know every word of Steel Magnolias, The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, and most of Practical Magic.
  10. You’re Dad says things like, “I raised you. Now I really just want to be your friend.”
  11. You can cook a mean meal if you really want to.
  12. The first time you really let allowed for yourself to be okay with yourself was in that tony bar in London, dancing and flirting with a dude whose name you will never forget.
  13. How “Learn to Let Go” makes you feel….
  14. How no matter how hard you make yourself out to be the idea of a guy buying you flowers sounds better than letting him sleep with you.
  15. When someone says “god you are so funny”
  16. “This may hurt…” doesn’t stop you from following whatever it is you are doing.
  17. Look how many people you know who are poets and you are also a poet and you just want to whisper to that kid hiding in his bedroom that “hey one day you are going to be know as a poet.”
  18. Remember how good pop music makes you feel….like in how no matter what a pop song will make you at least smile…
  19. You know sometimes all you need is a good long 11pm phone call to a close friend, make more of those calls. Fall asleep feeling love not worry.
  20. You have called every season of RuPaul’s drag race from episode one.
  21. When you were in high school you had photos of Kate Moss on your bedroom walls, not because you thought she was beautiful but because you wanted to BE Kate Moss. In fact, just think about all those collages on all those bedroom walls. That was your art.
  22. Remember how devastating thirty felt in your twenties and how comfortable it feels now and how devastating your twenties look?
  23. Any time you need to make a decision you ask Zora, Maggie, Toni, Zadie, Joan, Emily, Sylvia…and then you base your decision on what they might say
  24. One time you wrote a whole journal to a made up woman named Lydia because at the time it felt better than saying….”Dear Journal” now you don’t even bother cause you know you are just writing to yourself.