The blog about Nothing:

It’s probably been about 3–5 years of going back and fourth and I’ve finally decided to give this a blogging thing a shot. I’ve always been more into the YouTube and thinking vlogging would be kind of interesting but then I begun to think about the fact that my computer is completely trashed and I don’t have enough money saved up to A) buy a new computer and B) Buy a camera. Also the fact that I’m not really sure what I would do or share with the world.

With that being said I had recently watched a Gary Vaynerchuk Facebook video titled: how to start (

I then figured why not dip my feet into the blogging world and give this a shot.

I started to read about what I should do to figure out what I’d be writing about and honestly I kept thinking about how I would need to focus on just one thing. But I’ve decided I’m going to write whatever it is that’s on my mind. Which is also why I’m going to call this blog:

The blog about nothing

That being said. Some of the topics I’ll be talking about will be.

  • Sports (Basketball, football, skateboarding, and hockey)
  • General life discussions.
  • Fitness along with my own personal journey.
  • Music/movies
  • Whatever else’s comes into my head in all honesty.

Anyways with that being said, I hope I can manage my way around this website and figure out how to make this a more regular thing, and hopefully get some engagement going as this continues. It’ll probably take me some lurking around to get the hang of things but I’m looking forward to it. Like Gary says

Just start Gary Vaynerchuk