Obviously, I wanted to post a little more than every two weeks. But sometimes, it just happens.

I’d sit down to write and nothing. I couldn’t land on one solid thought, that or I’d have a topic but couldn’t get into words what my heart was saying. So, I figured it meant it wasn’t time to write about those things, and leave those ideas for future blogs.

Offline. It was that thought Anne Lamott pinned, “almost everything will work again, if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you” that shot through my memory and right to my heart. Of course it would come to mind, that’s me lately.

To some it would look like a withdrawn person. But to me, it was like my janky home wifi, it needed to be unconnected for a while to really be connected again. I’m not the person to not be connected to my husband, my kids, my family, or my super close friends. It wasn’t what I was made to do. Just like my wifi. It was made to connect my phone to the internet, but sometimes, it needs a reboot. Those things don’t have a on/off button, so you just have to unplug them. Trust me, it works. I’m the kind of person that is always on. Rarely taking a moment for myself. I thrive in helping others, connecting people to each other and to me. So, for me to really step back and not be connected was strange, almost unfamiliar territory.

You can keep using slow wifi, or you can unplug it, and plug it back in, so it can run at optimum speeds. You wouldn’t expect a runner to do a marathon if they have heart problems, so why should my race be any different? Don’t be afraid to unplug and go “offline”, I recommend it, and not just once in a lifetime, or once a year, but often. Run, at your optimum speed.

What do you do daily to clear your mind? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly? Make a plan. STICK TO IT!

What are your daily pick-me-ups? Comment and tell me below! Is it a piece of chocolate? A bath when your kids nap? Going 30 minutes early to the school pick up like to sit and read a book? Taking a long drive? Tinkering in your garage for a few minutes? Whatever it is, do it! Make time for it! Try and make it a non-digital escape! (I could make a whole other blog about that).