About ‘The Novel’

I may or may not have accidently brought it up in conversation and had someone take me by surprise because they had simply asked me what It was about. I felt like I was in a hole. For one, I told myself I would keep that to myself. Secondly, I really didn’t even know. I had started it with the high hopes of everything just … flowing ? I don’t know. Of course, by the end of the second page I stopped writing, due to tiredness. Lack of creativity or maybe … thought. Anyway. I started it off with a very strong lead, maybe that is why I feel like I've reached the (obviously not end) end to my novel. Here you go world… My one paged not-novel. When I stopped writing, I almost convinced myself I would just stick to short (Extremely short) writing pieces and just throw them all together. I did like reading books like that, but ultimately concluded I would not just succumb to my laziness. Not entirely laziness, but lack of motivation I guess. I have a huge fear in writing this novel. That is that it’ll rotate around something I don’t want it to. I have one goal in mind for this but I'm afraid this ‘subliminal problem solving’ I tend to do, will somehow leak itself in my writing piece. I am not ready to do that just yet. It could be one of the best things though, I just don’t know what I want I guess. Sigh. We will see.


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