Goodbye Facebook

Okay. So I am not entirely getting rid of Facebook. It does very much still exist. Somewhat. I’ve realized today that I have been doing an exceptional amount of writing on there lately and have decided it is time to refer back to a blog. It isn’t exactly the best place to have my sudden bursts of perspective on irrelevant topics I have created out of nowhere. I am sure my Aunt Laurin could care less about how I felt about my day, if it didn’t mention anything about her cat. See that was just a joke. I don’t have an Aunt Laurin (That I know about) and I am sure my family loves seeing my posts… I think. Anyway… I plan on using this as an outlet. Hopefully I don’t get too obsessed like I had with Tumblr… But I also do not want this to become a here today gone tomorrow type of thing either. Writing truly was a Great Escape for me in the past, and I think it’ll help channel the emotions that currently overwhelm me in my day to day recently. I did research on how to star my very own blog, but I am not as tech savvy as I presume to be so decided to give ‘Medium’ a shot. So far So Fricken good. Ha. I do not want to run on my first post with me going on and on and on… on tangents lol. But I did want to say I think this will help me with the novel, YES novel…. (FOUR YEARS OVER DUE….*Something I told myself I’d do out of graduating high school) So please…Oh Mighty Medium Blog…Provide the support I need right now.

P.S I really like the fact that this is trying to help me out with my spelling… I am semi-grammatically declined and I also make up my own words from time to time believing they have been words…