Bill Belichick suspended 2016 season for helping Instagram rip off Snapchat stories

Social media site Instagram has taken the internet by a storm this week by releasing a new update that allows users to post stories on their profiles, very similar to that of the app Snapchat.

This has left many social media users more worried about cheating on Snapchat by posting a story on Instagram, rather than worrying about cheating on their significant other. It is clear that Instagram ripped off Snapchat’s platform and their CEO had no problem letting people know. In an article from, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said that Snapchat “[deserves] all the credit.”

Clearly the CEO has no problem letting people know that Instagram ripped off Snapchat, but there is also another story that has just come out. It has been reported by numerous news sources that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was the mastermind behind Instagram stealing the idea. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has come out today and said that Belichick will be suspended for the 2016 NFL season. Goodell said, “Since Belichick cannot cheat in the NFL anymore, we are not surprised to see him trying to steal ideas from social media companies as well.”

This is not Belichick’s offense. In 2007, Belichick was fined $500,000 by the NFL for videotaping hand signals from the New York Jets coaches. He then found himself and his team in the spotlight after the 2015 AFC Championship game when the team tampered with the PSI of footballs before the game.

First videotaping, to deflating footballs, and now stealing social media platforms? I was never one to think that Bill Belichick would be a social media guy, but I also didn’t think that the folks at the Cincinnati Zoo would kill a harmless Gorilla. RIP Harambe #prayersup

Belichick is expected to appeal the suspension and could possibly take the matter to the Supreme Court to do what his quarterback couldn’t. It is not expected that Belichick will win the appeal, but let’s be honest, we all wouldn’t be surprised if he somehow did.

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