Pick Your Poi…


Everything has a pro and a con

There is no perfection

We, humans, can come up with a reason for why something isn’t perfect within seconds of being asked.

Of course, the reasons may be the silliest ever heard, but they’ll still be reasons.


If you reason one way.. You get the benefits and the “cons” of that way.

If you reason another way.. You get the benefits and the “cons” of that another way.

If you don’t reason.. You get the benefits and the “cons” of not reasoning.

Many paths can be taken. Some paths may not take you to where you want to go. Simply because we have society structures in place which currently practically dictate creation of value to be rewarded with what’s required to live. And simply because not much is given to you for “Free” — even if you get money from the government when you’re jobless, you’ll be paying it back + more with a tax on your salaxy once you DO get a job;

What if there WAS a way to get every physical item you want, for free?

That would be a benefit. What would be a “con”? The fact that you won’t have the skills/systems in place and won’t know how to earn it on your own, without this “magical” ability.

Sometimes fast and easy takes over.

It makes sense — we want to achieve the most things with the least amount of effort.

But we can’t yet — we don’t synthesize food in our homes and 3D print every single item we use. Yet.

We still have to work for our stuff, and skills, and future.

Fast and easy is attractive.

Unfortunately, it’s just a term that is subjective. And often misleading. Probably misleading. Most likely a sales pitch. Definitely a sales pitch.

Fast and easy.

.. It could work.

But guess what?

Then you’d miss out on developing discipline, patience, and a great journey filled with memories + a forced bigger sense of achievement.

But that’s not much of a “con” if you get a six pack in six days, right?

The real “con” is this..

When you want to achieve something significant “fast and easy”, when you look for the easiest way out.. You often don’t achieve the thing that you want to achieve.

Most things take hard work and effort — perhaps even for years.

It’s easier for some, not-so-easy for others. Quick for some, really-time-taking for others.

Chances are, what you want to achieve takes hard work and effort — and probably not just in DOING THE THING ITSELF, probably hard work in effort in learning how to communicate near-masterfully, what the industry is, building connections and relationships and partnerships, developing a good idea, and..


A poor idea executed brilliantly is worth more than a brilliant idea executed poorly.

So far, right now, at this age — 2015, times are changing, there are many problems to solve and there are more and more people wanting to and solving those problems — beautiful.

The value in our civilization is slowly moving towards information, the Internet has allowed us to distribute our value to others on the Internet and get rewarded for it with play money which can be printed infinitely by the government and has no real value besides us agreeing that it has value, careers are still highly biased on looks and communication skills — not just the technical. Still can’t synthesize any kind of food at home. Can’t grow enough food at home. We don’t have 3D printed organs yet. Don’t know how to modify our dna so it replicates without error and infinitely (aka the secret to eternal life), and the James Webb telescope hasn’t been launched yet (I wonder if it can zoom in on an alien planet?)

We’ve chosen to invest most of our attention on other things, besides those. And who is to blame?

Either no one, or everyone.

After all, we pick our poison.

After all, we may or may not figure it out.

After all, it would be beautiful, wouldn’t it?

After all, the universe is already beautiful, whether we’re in it successfully, or fail our civilization. (Have you seen the images from Hubble?)

The images from Hubble are spectacular.. Hubble took the highest resolution image ever. And it’s gorgeous.

I bet within that picture we see the stars of many millions of civilizations which have already achieved eternal life.

Stunning. The first time I saw those images I thought they were an artist interpretation of what they really saw — but no. They weren’t an interpretation — they were straight from the camera. Absolutely breathtaking and consciousness-lifting.

So, after all, our poisons are not that bad if we get to see things like that, are they?

But then again we could have used that ~$2b spent on Hubble for another aircraft carrier + a jet fleet.