Beyond The Pitch: Herculez Gomez

Juan has a candid chat with former US national team player and current ESPN analyst Herculez Gomez. In this conversation Herc, talks about his beginnings as a player in Las Vegas and also how he took “the long way” t to USL and eventually MLS. What started out as a 20 minute chat about the Liga MX finals turned into a 90 minute conversation where Herculez talks about all aspects of his football career and dabbles into his personal life as well.

Herculez also discusses his time in Mexican football as he played in various clubs. He also talks about relationships and how they helped him progress as a professional.

In this interview, they also talk about the presence of Latinos in soccer media in English as well as the magical year that was 2010 for him as what seemed to be a tough year for him ended up being one of the best of his tremendous. All this and his wife’s secret chilaquiles and how he can whip up a wicked carne asada.

You can follow Herculez on Twitter @Herculezg
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