Beyond The Pitch: Roberto Saporiti

In this edition of One On One… Juan had the chance to speak with current UAI Urquiza coach Roberto Saporiti. The 78-year-old was very candid as he talked about the experiences he has had as a player and as coach as well as his observations on the modern game and how he has had to adapt to the intricacies of it.

Saporiti has coached all throughout the Americas and is known for being César Luis Menotti’s assistant during the 1978 World Cup. Saporiti coached the legendary Argentinos Juniors sides of the mid 80s and also coached Colombian side He was also the head coach of the U-20 side in 1981 that was eliminated in the first round. That was two years after Diego Maradona and Ramón Díaz took the footballing world by storm and won the World Cup in that age group.

Saporiti also talks about some of the players that he coached that are now embarking in the coaching profession such as Gerardo Martino, Claudio Borghi amongst others and what they seemed to have learned from him.

All this as well as discussion on the state of South American football and its future.

The interview is in Spanish. As will be the case with our Spanish and even Portuguese content, we will post it online and eventually subtitle for our audiences in English.

You can follow Roberto on Twitter at @RobertoSaporit4

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