The short journey

I choose the sixth method “A series of fragment that build a whole”.

My reference is from Marclay, Christian-The Clock(2010). In Marclay’s film, we can see the clock in every scene to illustrate that only with the time pass, the story will be continue. That’s the one point remind us film show us the movement of time. I took this film by my smart phone to record how I commute from school to my destination. In this film we can see the whole process from the beginning of the tunnel till i get off the station. Every scene i took a short cut for my watch, the view changed as the time passed. In addition, we can also see the tunnel was bulit with wide cross section to make sure there are enough space for pedestrains to walk through. And also the tunnel which is underground gives more space for vehicle in case for traffic jam. When i enter the station, the notice board near the escalator will easily guide me to my final stage. The design appeared in the film bring convenience to the people who use them, which is also a important idea in architecture.

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