How I Became a Mom
Lisa Sharkey

My mother was pregnant ten times, most of them full term, but the babies died hours before or during delivery. I was the only one to survive, the third and premature, The doctors gave me very little chances of surviving. This was 66 years ago. Then I married, got pregnant and everything was pretty much going ok. My daughter was born healthy and on time. A year later I was pregnant again, by my count I was almost six months pregnant when suddenly I had a miscarriage, again I got pregnant and again, but sooner I lost it. It was devastated, I couldn’t ask for comfort, least of all from my parents. We underwent all kinds of studies, many very painful, and when my daughter was almost four, I got pregnant again. I had to remain in bed for four months, and by the time I was seven months pregnant the doctor suggested it was time to perform a cesarean. My son was a premmie but otherwise fine so we got to go home at the same time. Two years later I knew I was pregnant again although something was very wrong. The day after I’d gone to see the doctor I had a tubal pregnancy which almost killed me. My children were six & two years old and both my parents were very sick so I prayed I’d make it. Today my daughter is 40, with 2 healthy children and I also promised myself if I could help women who had gone through the unbelievable pain of loosing a child I’d offer hope and a shoulder to cry on.