The Year of the Underdog

The Final Four are set.

Next stop: Phoenix.

The South Carolina Gamecocks will be facing the Gonzaga Bulldogs and the Oregon Ducks will be facing the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Every team but the Tar Heels set a record.

This will be Gonzaga’s and South Carolina’s first time EVER in the Final Four. And this is Oregon’s first appearance in the semifinal since 1939, when they won the only NCAA tournament.

It seems as if 2017 is the year of surprises in the sports world, starting with the Rose Bowl and the Super Bowl.

Needless to say, March has been full of Madness.

South Carolina and the Oregon Ducks will be in the final game on April 3 where we will once again witness history happen.

Keep a close look on the Ducks because that is not a team to sleep on. Sure, everyone had them out of the tournament long ago due to some injuries, but they found a way to come back to clinch a spot in the Final Four.

First we will have to see if they can fare up against the competitive North Carolina which have been amazing all season. This will be match about who wants it the most.

Make sure to tune in Saturday April 1 to watch the games.

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