Short Bio Challenge

The Beginning of My Writer’s Journey

As a writer, I could write 1000 words or more on a topic but ask me to write about myself and I’ll draw blanks. It is not that I do not have anything to say about myself, I just find it difficult to write about myself. I am accustomed to not talking about my
self so much that when it is time to talk about me, I get stuck. I have a hard time deciding on what to highlight.

When asked to write my own biography, I often ask someone else what to include. I am such a diverse writer, I rarely can summarize all I do in short. While doing my biography, I face challenges such as my bio being too short and not fully describing me or too long and it appears too excessive for the reader.

However, I do have to admit being challenged to write a short biography on myself encourages me to reflect back on myself, which is a task I rarely do until I am forced to.

I am so focus on what needs to be done, I forget what I have done. This act maybe a great tool of humility to prevent excessive boasting on one’s accomplishments, at the same time it may hinder the potential growth due to the lack of exposure of one’s talent. Which leads me to a saying that states “what is the purpose of being great and you're the only one who knows it”. It serves no purpose to be talented or gifted and not share it with anyone.

I know these things but yet I still cannot write a short bio on myself without assistance. I have done so much sometimes I forget the important things that maybe relevant to what needs to be included. In conclusion, I am assuming this is a lesson that demonstrates how being too humble can hurt your growth.

Be humble but be happy with who you are. It is kool to celebrate yourself at times. If you don't, why should anyone else do.


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