A 9 minute guide to Week 1 in Trump’s America

An easy way to stay informed for people with real lives

Judd Legum
Jan 27, 2017 · 1 min read

There is a concept in the debate world called “spread.” You just throw out as many arguments as possible to overwhelm the opposition.

Trump is operating a spread presidency. Much of what he does is sloppy, dishonest and unpopular. But there is lots and lots of it.

It is hard to keep track of, even when IT IS YOUR FULL TIME JOB TO KEEP TRACK OF IT.

What about everyone else?

That’s why we’ve created this series. Each week, anyone can spend a few minutes and find out what Trump was up to.

I really encourage people to take this post and share it with people, especially people who are busy.

Trump makes it VERY difficult to stay informed. There are volumes of misinformation. We want to make it easier.

Also let me know how this can be improved. We want to keep refining it and making it as useful as possible.