Inside the Social Media Skills Gap

What I really took from this article was the skill gap with people and social media. Many people think they know how to use social media successfully but in reality they aren’t educated enough on the the certain skills you need to use it properly and be effective. The real price of the skills gap is going unnoticed and billions of dollars are being lost from missed opportunities. Social media sites that were once used to keep in touch and share pictures are now some of the best ways to get in touch with people on a comfortable basis. Just a few years ago social media in the office was the domain of social media managers. They were the people who owned a company’s face on leading platforms. Now social media duties have decentralized and now there are many more companies who are requiring in the job descriptions to have social media skills. Now that social media is being asked to be used in different and unfamiliar ways it is key for people to get training on how to properly use social media.