To remember is to capture a moment in time and space, an everlasting flow of being. Seeping into memory we forget and regret what’s lost making its loss a felony. Hence I’m stuck within the concept of remembrance. Attempting to grasp at the last idea of our conversation. To store it as necessary amongst the endless we’ve had. Hence I’m glad in moments of vivid memory, where I do not have to piece a puzzle together regrettably. Thoughts of loss threaten me, as if there is something to lose and nothing to gain. I excused living by time and adopting new memories. The now is proud to claim a new insight to this ever revolving mind. The countless exemplifications of existing, persisting on that current ideology stored within just being in that moment and time, can change when I refrain from the boundaries of my then mind. My finger is on that point that ideology changed. Conversing is like tennis, with countless players, rebounding a common ball, in a court judged by those familiar concepts. Which contain how we respond, the outcome and what we adopt. The trivial is a friendly whilst the more pressing an enemy to those familiar ideas. I have been having the pressing lately, bouncing back to conquer that change, speaking it into existence. Whilst it remains in the distance and words remain in the now, its disruptive slice adds to the price of a thoughtful life, serving as a knife in court as the point which changed me.