This Is Why Entrepreneurs Should Read The News

No, it’s not fun. You’ll learn about things that could ruin your day. You’ll read about famine, death, hurricanes, wars. And all that might upset you — sure. But it can all make your day better as well and propel you into action — if you let it happen.

The mainstream business media is full of advice on why it is a really bad idea for entrepreneurs to read the news in the morning. The main arguments are that it will put you in a negative mindset, block your creativity and you really should read inspirational writing instead.

Here’s why I disagree.

The single most important thing for an entrepreneur is to be aware. Aware of the market, the potential clientele, challenges that might come up and anything that could support or hinder our desire to create something new and make a difference.

Solving a problem. That’s what entrepreneurship is about. It’s not just about making tons of money and working 16-hour days. It’s really about caring enough about a problem to work hard towards a solution.

When I read the news in the morning, I feel refreshed and ready. Why? Because I’m reminded that the world needs people to act. To do things. To create, to inspire, and to solve problems.

Locking out what’s happening all around us will make us calmer maybe. But I don’t want to be calm. I want to make a difference. I want to live in a world where people care. Sure, as a former news journalist, I’m pretty selective about which news sources I open my mind to. And I can only recommend doing the same to everyone.

But being active members of the world with all its disturbing, heartbreaking, eye-opening, thought-provoking news will make us more successful entrepreneurs. We don’t need to be in a bubble. We need to be ready to face the facts.