Digital Substance Abuse
Ryan Giordano

Ryan, I am impressed by your thoughtfulness and openness and that recorded “snippet” was very moving to me, I think because I could hear the searching in your voice.

It sometimes seems that there are two camps; those who love social media and those have come to hate it. But I realize that for me and perhaps for many, there is a fair bit of ambivalence. Not having my own kids, I’ve kind of been on the fringes of FB and Instagram and as much as I’ve kind of wished I did, I’ve never mastered Twitter. I’m “on them” all (funny, sounds like drugs) but can’t say that I fully “get it”.

Then, I see a gorgeous photo, or read a poignant story or learn some fascinating bit of information and I too want to share. It’s just that “sharing” online isn’t that satisfying. It’s a start, but then without any deepening of the discussion, it leaves an empty feeling.

I appreciate how you, and others like those who did the video, are honestly exploring what this all means for us social creatures. I hope to be a part of the discussion with you and others in the real world.

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