#31DaysOfWriting: Rewriting Destiny

Truth vs. Fear

Having at last reached almost to the hill’s summit, Heyrah gestured toward a cave hidden in the side of the face of the rocky terrain. Willow breathed out a long sigh, ready to be done with their trek for the day and perhaps to change at least her top layers. She wondered if there might be a spring or stream near by so that she could perhaps bathe a bit in spite of the cooling temperatures in the higher elevation. As they reached the mouth of the cave, Heyrah signaled to Belac to gather what wood he could find for a fire and the dwarf made haste toward the higher ground above their cave. As Willow opened her bag to retrieve the other top that she had packed, Heyrah signaled to her to draw near.

“I think it time that we shared a walk, young Willow,” said Heyrah.

“Indeed,” she said. “Might I first take a moment to change my layers out before we begin?”

“As you wish. I’ll await your arrival just over that ledge. You will find a small stream just beyond those trees there,” he said, and left her.

Quickly, she took her change of clothes and a small hand-sewn washcloth that her mother had made for her when she was but a girl, and made her way to the trees. Within minutes she had washed off the day’s journey of yesterday and felt ready at last to meet with Heyrah and discuss her destiny. Returning to the cave with her things, she found Poppy sitting with her back against the outer rocks of the cave reading one of the book she had packed. She looked up as Willow approached.

“There is a stream just past the trees there if you wish to bathe or refresh,” said Willow.

“Perhaps I shall.”

“I am to meet Heyrah,” Willow told her and as she spoke the words she felt a strong sense of anticipation and uncertainty.

“It will go well, I’m sure,” Poppy said.

And with that, Willow climbed the rocks to the ledge where Heyrah waited for her. She found him sitting on a rock and staring out over the land spread out as far as their eyes could see. Willow marveled at the way the land appeared from this perspective, the way the rivers sliced through the land, the way the forest seemed like an island in the middle of the grassy meadows on either side. The sight of it was breathtaking and she paused, amazed at the beauty of it and she realized how small her little village was in the big picture of the land. Why had they all stayed so close to the villages for so long, she wondered, when there was so much beauty to see? When there was so much wonder to behold. As if reading her mind, Heyrah spoke, his eyes still on the view before them.

“Leaving what is familiar can be a scary undertaking. For many, it is far easier to stay where you are and enjoy its comfort than to strike out and discover untold things.”

“The Elders led us to believe that the regions are filled with danger and evil,” Willow said. “There was never any mention of such beauty or wonder.”

Heyrah smiled. “The role of the Elders is to guide as best they are able. If a man’s heart is set on fear, they will guide from that fear.”

Willow sat down beside Heyrah, still looking outward at the seemingly endless lands below them, the trees, the bodies of water, the valley, all of it stretching out beyond the horizon. “But upon what is their fear based?”

“Perhaps the easiest answer is all that is unknown,” Heyrah said. “And the tales of lore that are spoken through the generations.”

“Is there any truth in the tales of lore?” Willow asked.

“Indeed. But there is also now exaggerated risks and dangers and allusion to evil throughout them.”

“So they are truths that are twisted by fear,” Willow said.

“It would appear so,” Heyrah said. “But now, dear Willow, let us discuss what is it that brings you on this journey.”

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