Enjoy Life With Style

Hi Ladies, this is Judy C., with JudysHighHeels.com Inspiration With Style, Women Connecting Women.

Today I am wearing this awesome Mix No. 6 Butterfly High Heel. The butterfly high heel makes me look at life as being free spirited but also Enjoying todays moments with Style!

I am at the Healing Garden at The Cancer Center in Harford County. This particular day was my dads last day of receiving Chemo treatment. We are already Enjoying Life With Style because when I picked my dad up this morning, I was wearing my high heels and he gets the biggest kick our of me wearing them and I love to see him smile.

While at The Cancer Center today I met a volunteer named Janet, she comes everyday to take care of cancer patients and gives them the support they need. I admire her for the positive energy and outlook of life she has. Janet and I began to talk about my website and how we women are inspired by each other. She made me feel great because I came with my dad and we talked about how precious life is. Janet touched my heart because of her warm and caring ways she shares with everyone.

I love to hear people’s stories and their outlook in life, the strengths and perseverance gives encouragement to everyone that needs a little “lift” in their day.

After my dads treatment, my dad, sister and I celebrated by going to his favorite bagel shop to get him a bagel with cream cheese and lox. Enjoying Life With Style is what it’s all about every day especially when I can sport around in a pair of high heels, but most of all, the celebration of life and the support my family has given to my dad.

Ladies, please share with me your high heel story, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and have a great day!

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