High Heel of The Week #6

This is Judy C., with JudysHighHeels.com, Inspiration With Style, Women Connecting Women.

Well ladies and girls, have you ever gone shopping and found a deal that you just couldn’t resist? Check out these two pair of high heels that were a must have!

First of all, both pair are not name brands, but I love the stiletto’s and how they make me feel. Let me start with the blue high heel; they are denim and will go fabulous with any jean or white pair of shorts or capris. They were a must have because the price was simply irresistable.

I love the orange color high heels with the two tone. The front is a tweed and the back is a suede texture. I couldn’t believe when I slipped these on, they fit beautifully and I felt awesome! I definitely can find something to wear with these.

Girls, share with me you high heel deals! We girls love a good high heel story especially when they are on sale.

Thank you and have a great week!

Originally published at www.judyshighheels.com.

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