By Bonnie Smith

Adele, the singer, is huge right now! Her song “Hello” is heard constantly on the radio. The song has taken over iTunes and basically exploded on the scene. Topping the success of this song, was her lovely appearance in primetime TV with her performance in New York City.

I do love her voice and I love many of her songs because of that strong voice, but also because the words hit different depths in my heart and soul. Some fun. Some serious. But hits a spot, nevertheless.

I like the way she speaks frankly about her life and success in interviews. I like the way she digs deep into her memories of her friends and the way things use to be, and just does not seem to feel apologetic for any of it. I LOVE that she walked around Trafalgar Square in PJs and didn’t even care, according to an interview on the Today show. My first thought was “oh man, I could have walked right by her and not even known it was her” when we were there on vacation and stayed at a hotel in Trafalgar Square.

I see her as a strong, young woman, who has gotten hers. And I can’t help but admire that. No one truly knows what’s in her heart, but she is successful and she seems genuine. And she speaks with affection for her little toddler son. Admirable things. Things that I find I would include in definitions of a strong, capable woman.

Now, her show in NYC. The cameras are behind the scene, following her to the stage. Adele is wearing a long, black, glittery gown. Her make-up is perfect, almost understated, but she looks lovely. Her hair is in an up-do giving a very classy, elegant look all ‘round. She takes the stage and begins…”Hello…it’s me.”

As Adele performs and brings cheers and yells of “I love you” from the packed house, I notice, she has bare feet. And at the bottom of the stool on stage, that holds her glass of water, is what seems to be plain, black high heels. She’s performing without her high heels.

My first thought of course is, she’s taken them off for comfort. But she no more got onto stage when the shoes came off, so I was told. I’m sure they cost hundreds of dollars, if not more, (I didn’t notice any red soles) and there they lay, discarded like house slippers at the foot of a sofa, after you’ve bundled up under a fleece blanket. 
The shoes are fabulous, even discarded on the stage.

Whether shoes are red, glitter, leopard print or black, they no doubt give women a sense of fashion and beauty. I think everyone knows a good pair of heels can turn a run-of-the-mill party ensemble into something “FABULOUS!” But I also think, whether you are an administrative assistant in an office or singing “Hello” to thousands of people, the important thing, I think, is you have to be able to stand in bare feet and be comfortable in the terrific woman you have worked very hard to be. I mean, as women, aren’t we the best at holding it together and doing what needs to be done? Giving our best performance with high anxiety or taking care of sick children when we feel sick ourselves. It is what we do!

At the end of the show, Adele walked off stage and the camera stopped rolling after we see her go into an elevator and fall apart crying, into someone’s arms. And I thought, after they faded to black, what an emotional ending to an amazing performance and then i thought…”oh no…did she grab her shoes?”

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