How do I say something the right way? What tone should I use for this? How can I make this sound, well, like me? And if I do make it sound like me how will it be received?

The question of how to verbally get your point across is as old as communication itself and will go on until communication ends. As children we learn the basics from our parents; how to first make sounds to get their attentions and then words to tell them, “no, I don’t wanna take a nap.” Then we go to school and the basics…

An owner of a local bookstore is meeting a web designer at Coco Moon to go over the layout of a web site.

Coco Moon Picture taken from

Owner: Thanks for meeting me. What did you decide on to drink?

Designer: Got the “Happy Camper.” Which I hope you will be with the layout I have to show you.

Owner: I hope so too. I've been doing some research on how other sites on the web have been organized. Blows on her coffee to cool it. Came across something called LATCH, which seems pretty straight forward. It was a set of schemes developed by Richard…

Throwing the book at Links


Links are a distraction for the internet reader. In a world that lives on the web, where the internet consumer is the spider searching for its next choice meal, links are the non-edible things caught in our web. Links are the flashing neon sighs that cause diligent drivers to crash into ditches.

They are everywhere; with many different forms. They are in the banners on your favorite blog. They hide in the harmless text of a scholarly essay. They pop up link ninjas as you amble down a page. They are the wolves in the forest that entice little red…


Getting kids to bed is never an easy thing. Growing up it was dinner, bath then bed, maybe with a little time between bath and bed. My two siblings and I shared a room up until the time I was 13.

When we were younger mom or dad had the job of tucking us all in and closing the night with a bedtime story. The only problem was that one story wouldn’t work on all three of us.

Tony, who was the youngest at six, needed something whimsical but short; otherwise he couldn’t hear the ending. Felicia liked tales with…

To Amuse

Hey, the name’s Ashley. I am a senior at BSU. I could be described as an Otaku, blogger, craft scientist and writer. I guess you could say I’m the creative type. I am also easily distracted by things I find on the internet. Youtube and Pintrest are my death traps. On Pintrest I keep finding new crafts I want to try and blog about. I also find things that define me to a T.

This exlains a lot. Should I try this design for a rug, Should I do work on the blog, Do I want to say it this…

Chapter 1: Who am I writing for, and incidentally, who am I?

Our idea of audience is out of date. Simply writing stuff and expecting people to read it doesn’t work on the web. To get readers to read you must:

  • come up with topics they want.
  • organize them how they want to read them.
  • use word they understand.
  • be personal(pg 5)

Readers go to your site for a reason. If they don’t find what they want or how they think they want it, they’ll go someplace else. (pg 6)

  • don’t waste their time with answers “on the way to grandmother’s house.” get to the chase.
  • tailor your stuff so they feel…

Not the biggest fan of introducing myself. Got this silly fear that that what I have to say about myself will be judged before my actions can say otherwise, you know? So, let me try to introduce myself…

  1. I am a professional and creative writing major who will graduate in May 2015.
  2. I've been to Machu Pichu and Stonehenge.
  3. Reading and watching anime or movies are my two favorite indoor activities.
  4. I enjoy kayaking, rollerblading, hiking, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing.
  5. Oldest of three kids

This is where I feel like I’ve said too much. If you want to know anything else feel free to ask.

Before returning to school from the winter break I went for coffee with a high school friend. We caught up on each others lives and talked of future plans. Her’s involved getting a job as a nurse and continuing with school, mine the unease I felt about my coming college graduation. Among the topic we touch on another person we went to high school with. He had been and alpha dog type person who had acquired many different nicknames after graduation: “snake” “idiot” “fugly” and “dipsh*t” to name a few. However as we were sipped on our coffee my friend…

Ashley Juenemann

Aspiring novelist, English Student

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