Honest tips from a recruiter, for graduates and not only

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This is not a guide on how to select target companies, how to structure your CV or how to prepare desirable answers to popular questions.

While some of the “must-do” you read on the web could deserve your attention, they don’t matter that much compared to other more nuanced aspects which have the power to make you stand out from the crowd.

So here are a few honest pieces of advice based on my experience as a recruiter who worked both in corporations, as well as in consultancy, dealing with everything from start-ups to large companies and hired from graduate…

Where core confidence comes from, how can you flip the common perspective, and why it’s important for creating a happier life

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You know that bitter feeling of an entire night staying in bed without sleeping, with streams of thoughts coming and going? I remember some of those since 4 years ago. It was 4 years ago when for the first time in my adult life I felt lonely, truly confused, asking myself what should I do next, what’s important for me.

It was not that I was lacking self-confidence, I was lacking a better way of looking at confidence.

3 Types of Confidence

The science of psychology researched multiple times the topic of confidence and provided valuable lessons. …

Language matters

How to answer authentically and engaging to this age-old question, and which could be some better questions

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If you are like many people, you get asked this question quite often. Most probably, you did the same at least once, either when you met someone new or when you didn’t know what to say next to keep that talk alive.

If while you read this you think that’s not even a good question, I feel you. I’m still practicing how to avoid those few seconds of awkward silence while some words agonize in my mind under the pressure until they come out in the form of a short and clear sentence.

Did you ever try to memorize a…

About a playground which prepares you for the journey as an entrepreneur

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If entrepreneurship is a route you want to take, or if you already started on this path, you strive to make your journey as smooth, efficient, relevant, and enjoyable as you can.

Most probably, you asked yourself what experiences or skills could you build before you start on this path, or even if you already are an entrepreneur but you want to develop in a certain area.

One of the challenges of the entrepreneurial path is, in many cases, that we don’t have a relatable past experience in our life. As we don’t have what to compare it to, we…

A scan of why do we keep saying this, what’s wrong with it, and how to better approach it

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This phrase irritates me. It does now as it did even when I was in my first job, young and barely starting gaining work experience, I felt something was wrong with the phrasing “work-life balance”. Do you find value in this framing and is it just me who has an issue with it?

My main profession for 6 years now being recruitment and having studies in psychology, it irritates me even more when I hear one of my fellow recruiters asking a candidate something along the lines of work-life balance.

While people usually focus a conversation on how to keep…

Suggestions around the idea of being mindful of the reasons we are or aren’t using the minimalism label

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While it’s true and we are aware that we have different roles in our lives, follow different values, beliefs, even ideologies or philosophies, and while it’s also true that the human brain is wired to work with categories, labels, patterns, it’s quite tricky using labels or calling ourselves or something as being you-name-it-what-or-how.

This story’s suggestions on how to approach this are around the idea of being mindful of the reasons we are or aren’t using this title.

I never publicly said that I’m a minimalist, not even to a close friend, although I do consider myself as being. …

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