A woman who happens to tech
Ash Huang

Delightfully energetic to read! Thank you very much, it has been a pleasure. Yet sometimes it looks to me as if your text describes social problems that are not as gender-related as you see them. To give a brief example: My boyfriend and I decided to wait one more year before we have a child, and you could say this was a career-related choice. Is this something to judge? Would have 5 or 10 years be something to judge? I see freezing of eggs to be more productive as something rather sad, but also as something that hasn’t exclusivly or even mostly to do with gender, but also or even mainly with peoples desires, egos, capitalism, whatever. And moreover, it’s their choice.

Same thing with “It’s eating with a room full of men talking about how thankful they are that their wives stay home and take care of the kids while they build the future.” I am also the one working (at least outside that is) in our relationship, and you could say I’m grateful that my boyfriend stays home and cares for our daugther during the days. Whats wrong with that?

Otherwise, I get your point of course, and i like that you illustrate the sometimes depressing intensity of every-day-harassment so vivdly. There seems to be enough of it without actually looking for it.

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