Coup Attempt, Religious Fascism and the Liberal values of Authoritarianism

I’ve been reading about these interesting points from the Western Media, especially the ones that I follow, the podcasts that I listen to. So you would know I’m not talking about mainstream click-bait media outlets you have over there talking about how vidya gaemz are turning your son into a seria- I mean a bull- errm, a misogynist? Yeah, I think that was the last one. Because unless it’s a “broken clock” situation, they’re either completely lying and/or not giving enough information regarding certain individuals & events. However, fear not, I know you don’t care about Turkey at all but in case you might wonder even the littlest small-y bit I have a totally legit story of Republic of Turkey. — So, if you’re interested, thank you for reading. If not, no hard feelings.

Now, as you may already know, there was this lovely thing called “Cold War” back in dark ages when your hippies were getting stoned on the streets in order to change the world which unfortunately led to today’s pacifist liberal hipsters; our revolutionists were dying for an Independent Turkey. Biased? No. We’ve seen two successful military coups throughout our history -aside from numerous attempts- one of them was the infamous September 12th ‘80. — The other one was May 27th ’60. Was it necessary? Meh. Was it bloody? We hanged the prime minister. He did absolutely nothing for the Republic of Turkey, was an overall exaggerated figure who died for nothing basically. But ended up as a hero. He was going to get crushed in the upcoming elections anyway, so hanging of Menderes was probably one of the most pointless and stupidest things happened in Turkey.

Anyway, the death of Menderes was the birth of “Right Wing Heroism” in Turkey and even before the coup, thanks to İnönü’s lack of statesmanship we ended up in NATO. Why does this matter? Because our alliance with West, affected us greatly, way greater than you could imagine during the Cold War. This right wing idealism and cultural imperialism formed factions which were on offense.

Now comes the killer part. At the time of Cold War, Turkey’s democratic stability was a routine subject of discussion. However, there was this little organization called (and roughly translated as) “Fighting Communism Foundation” — The point was clear, forming a counter-guerilla movement against communist leaning left wing organizations at the time. Even if they weren’t a threat against the people of Turkey. Quite the opposite, the only threat people faced at the time was the military movements and lack of statesmanship within the political parties, more importantly within the elected governments from 50s to early 90s. One of the founders of this foundation was, as expected, Fethullah Gülen.

And this “foundation” did not just exist and fade away, they actually schooled a lot of successful politicians who helped Gülenist Cultists to important positions within the Republic of Turkey.

But the foundation didn’t live long enough, in fact they were investigated back in ’65. However this date was the birth of two things in Turkey. One is obviously the Gülen Movement, which we’ve been opposing against and getting murdered because of; the other was the people’s movement for a Socialist Independent Turkey. Needless to say, Right Wing won. — A quick note here however, our “Right Wing” and your “Right Wing” aren’t the same thing. When the last military coup in ‘80 shook the Turkey’s very foundation, it also hit the nationalist movements who helped right wing throughout the entire Left-Right civil war.

In fact, after 80s the only ones who won weren’t even the right wing parties, but the NATO-bound military, the so called nationalists who were actually Islamic fascists -who also tortured and killed hundreds of people- and, thanks to Mehmet Ali Birand’s (Rest in Peace) journalism, the CIA with their memo “Our boys did it!” at the night of the coup.

You would say it probably hit the newly forming Gülen Movement. No. The number of their cells around the Universities accelerated, they schooled poor boys and girls to do their bidding, they drugged students using incense, they brainwashed and created a “Green Generation” which resulted in today’s Turkey. When the time was right, they ordered their women to appear modern and remove their turban. (hijab as you call it) They formed new foundations and built many schools teaching Turkish around the globe, but focused on poor African nations. Their media outlets were on full-time propaganda of their so called humanitarian efforts. Their schools were torturing kids to abide their teachings. They hated everything Turkey’s foundation stood for.

Fact of the matter is, their “booming economy” famished the people’s pockets. Government Corruption is not something unique to any elected government, as you might be aware of. And as this cult was slowly making its way up the depression hit the Turkey. Justice and Development Party was formed, Gülen related channels and newspapers were supporting the JDP and as you listen to people like Cenk Uygur telling you “Turkey’s economy has grown!” it’s actually the brilliant plan of selling out Public Institutions for the price tag of their annual worth, one by one, brick by brick. Until nothing’s left on the land of Anatolia to be sold but the very soil which we died for.

Photography by Sedat Suna/EPA

But going back to the point, now are we giving too much power to Justice and Development Party? Yes. Does it scare us? Oh, you have no idea. Then why am I being a bit more optimistic about it? — Two things:

  1. We have been dying to get rid off Gülen Movement for decades. DECADES. We have been yelling out for years that this Cult was deforming everything we had, destroying what we’ve built and making profit out of anything; Anything. They were the Cancer of this country and we HAD TO and HAVE TO get rid off them. Every single one of them, in every single position. They don’t just have businessmen and lawyers, they have commissioners, generals, judges, politicians, diplomats, teachers, journalists etc. They have everything. They have a god-damn state of their own and they need to be eliminated. This is necessary and there ain’t no enough arguments in the world that could make our people (opposition and JDP-supporters) think otherwise.
  2. JDP is actually listening to us. They withdraw their propositions, they act rational and they actually want to work with opposition through this crisis. They cooperate and this is a rare scene. — One other note here would be something I’ve watched happened during the coup attempt. Bekir Bozdağ, the minister of justice, like many others in the Parliament building that night were making a stand against the Gülenists bombing the very building they were in. He said something I wouldn’t expect from him and this is coming from a guy I despise more than you could imagine. He said “We shall die here if that’s what it takes. If we run off, people will run off. What we have to do is die here.

So. — Am I a JDP supporter? In your dreams. They did absolutely nothing for this country up until this point. Now, they’re actually working to accomplish something. To decontaminate Turkey. — But will I support everything JDP do from now on? No, I don’t even support opposing parties. I despise politicians altogether, they’re just… politicians. But, going back to the first paragraph, there is the “Broken Clock” and this is one of two times these politicians are actually doing something good for this country and its people. — I’m still very cynical about Turkish Parliament, don’t get me wrong. But I stand with them against a fucking Cult full of brainwashed psychos. Gülenists should not win this.

However, I still have one question remaining: Who retracted their support for this coup attempt at the very last moment?

This is the only thing I can’t wrap my head around. They just closed a fucking bridge, made a reporter read a memorandum, assaulted on random private media outlets and bombed a few places; they couldn’t even made pilots fly to assassinate our President. — Worst of all, they launched this coup attempt at 10 pm.

Who launches a coup attempt at the very country that has the second biggest army in the NATO at 10 pm? What kind of moron do you have to be to actually think this was a good idea? — What made them panic?

I’m still waiting for these to be answered properly. But, at the end, our actual Army and Police forces has stopped this coup attempt by killing, subduing and rescuing key people.

This pointless act resulted in hundreds of deaths. But it also sparked awareness against Cults in Turkey. Once again, I might add. If you want to learn more about Turkey and Ottomans, I suggest you read İlber Ortaylı, a historian, an academic and one of the most brilliant minds Anatolia has to offer.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Liberals aren’t Leftists. There’s nothing “Left” about Opportunism and Political Correctness. Liberalism was an old Right Wing crap that even Right Wing doesn’t want around anymore.