Floral Hack

Visit the Flower District & Save Money

Some bright blooms on 28th between 6th and 7th ave

Adding flowers to your event can get really pricey. Flower shops have significant mark ups for simple arrangements that you can easily make yourself. A simple dozen roses if purchased from a shop can cost you $99 but heading to the flower district and purchasing two dozen roses plus a vase can cost you as little as $20–30. As you get into more complicated arrangements prices quickly rise at flower studios, but you can easily accomplish a similar result by taking a quick subway ride.

Entering 28th street from 6th ave

Once you arrive on 28th street it is easy become overwhelmed by the number of shops and variation in product. I have my personal favorites, which I will share with you below, but you can easily spend hours roaming the shops and browsing.

One thing to note about this street, there are no price tags on the flowers since they are set based on that days availability and what is in season. Your best option is to typically head there with a picture of what you want (via Pinterest) and a budget. Once you enter a shop, the employees will help you find flowers to fit your vision and your price point. I would head to at least two shops and get a quote before you purchase, but always be sure to buy all your flowers at one place because then you can ask for the most significant discount.

Albion Wholesale Flowers

This is the shop I work with most often. It’s not the cheapest option, but they have an amazing variety and I have never been disappointed by their quality. The more you buy with them, the more of a discount you will receive. They also have some vases for purchase in the back and they deliver. Best for roses, greens, and more expensive items like peonies. They usually give a discount if you pay in cash but they also accept credit cards.

H.U.P.S. Flowers

This shop is a bit more budget but I always look in to see what they’re offering. The product is limited but the prices are great for certain flowers such as roses and hydrangea. As you can see, two dozen roses will cost you $18 and hydrangea run around $2.50 a stem (a great deal). They’re flowers are not the same quality as else where on the street but in a pinch they do the trick. You should note they only accept cash.

Jamali Garden Supplies

I could (and have) spent hours in Jamali. They have aisles on aisles of vases and decorative items and it is so easy to be inspired here. They have everything from fake flowers to candles to a seriously wide variety of vases. This is only one of four vase and decor shops on the street, so make sure to shop around before you buy, but in my experience they have the best prices. The more you buy the better the cost and they also have great seasonal sales.

A example of an arrangement I made for a client entirely with goods from the flower district


Its best to do your research ahead of time and use the pointers I’m giving you. If you can, listen to the conversations other customers are having around you or go back to the store a few times. The tough part about negotiating is that the store often set their prices on availability or seasonality. If you can find out what is in season, you can usually negotiate them down if it is. As I said before, the more you buy the more of a discount you can ask for, and always ask for a discount. Also, always write down what you paid for the flowers in your phone so you can quote it again next time.

A bouquet I made for a friend entirely with goods found in the flower district
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