People don’t pay for your product.

They pay for your work ethic.

That’s what they’re expecting to get when they’re clicking the pen to sign the contract. For the client, they want to know that you will put in the effort needed to make their ideas hatch and come to life. That you will put forth the hours generously for the sake of your craft.

They want passion.

They want commitment.

So then the question is, are you committed? The standard of your work depends on it. Will you give up easily when you can’t manifest your visualizations into reality or will you stay united with your ideas and support them all the way through to maturity? The only difference between finished and unfinished is at what point you said “I’m done”.

What, then, is your qualification for finished? That’s a good thing to figure out. How will you ever be satisfied when you don’t even understand what satisfaction feels like? The only one who sets your standards is you. You get to decide at what point you are finished.

Finding it hard to determine your standards? It’s rather easy. If you’re not excited and proud to show your work to your client, then it’s not finished. That’s the only sign you need to notice: your enthusiasm.

If you find yourself growing apathetic, then you need a new perspective. Try coming up with a list of everything you are grateful for in your life. Once you can appreciate your current situation, you will be more inclined to work harder. It’s all about mindset.

And that’s the mindset that will make your clients recommend you. That work ethic is what will bring you more work. Your steadfast commitment is what pays the bills, not your business. Anyone can own a business, but that doesn’t mean the business will last. That type of longevity takes dedication.

Develop your work ethic, and the work will come soon enough.