Five Reasons Why You Should Consider A Guest Blogging Strategy

There are many benefits to being a guest writer on another website, but there are also some excellent benefits for having a number of regular guest bloggers on your own site. Here are five reasons why you should consider having a guest blogging strategy.

Reason #1 — Keeping your blog active

Unless you have a marketing team, it is very difficult to keep up with content on a regular basis. Consistent frequency is the key to any marketing strategy and blogging is no different. If you produce an article a week for a month, and then produce zero for the next month, then you will have a negative impact on your search engine results, and your audience will not know when to expect information from you. More people are likely to unsubscribe to your blog if you are not consistent. Having regular guest bloggers on your site is a great way to keep the content consistent.

Reason #2 — Build relationships

As with writing for other blogs, allowing guest posts on your own blog opens the door to building relationships with others in your industry. Networking is almost always a good thing, and it might just lead to profitable joint ventures down the road, you never know!

Reason #3 — Increase traffic

If your guest blogger has a fan base, more than likely they’ll come along for the ride when their article is published on your blog. The result is more traffic for your blog, and more exposure for you and your business. In addition, you could suggest that your guest blogger actually records the article in audio format, which you can then produce as an audio blog. I produced an audio blog for each of my articles for over two years, which gave me additional exposure in iTunes and Stitcher radio. I attracted an audience that would never have received otherwise. Please bear in mind that producing an audio version of your blog is hard work and very time-consuming, but the results are amazing. You will be surprised how many people are up for the challenge of recording the blog for you. They are also more likely to share the blog with their audience if then can hear themselves rather than just reading an article.

Reason #4 — More content variety

With guest posts, you will inject a bit of variety into your blog. Different authors will result in different topics, different perspectives, and different writing styles, off of which can keep your blog from becoming predictable and stale.

Reason #5 — Increase guest blogging opportunities for you

Guest writers may return the favour and ask you to guest post on their blog. Take them up on their offer. You can benefit from the wider audience, increased traffic, and a boost in reputation.

Bonus tip:

We have been operating a guest blogging strategy on the Green Umbrella website for the last 4 years and in this time we had learned some valuable lessons.

a) Save yourself some time and put together a guest blog guideline, so your authors know what the rules are. View our guidelines here.

b) Always give your guest bloggers a deadline date for the article.

c) Ensure that you have a system set on your website for author signatures.

d) Always send the link to the author when the article is live.

e) Implement a strike system. Many people are keen to write for you, but when it comes to the crunch of actually putting a unique article out for you then people often let you down. We have a two strike system. If the guest blogger fails to produce an article by the deadline date agreed on two occasions then they are immediately struck from our guest blogger list.

Would you like to be an approved guest blogger for Green Umbrella? If so then simply complete the form at the bottom of this page, we would love to hear from you.

Originally published at on June 23, 2016.